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Thoughts on Streamers
Allagash Bob and the Biscuit Incident (Trip Report)
Putting the Hex on 'Em!
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Attractor Dry Flies
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Brook trout fishing
Brook trout flies
Classic Wet Flies
Classic Wet Fly Fishing
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maine fly fishing blog

Thoughts on Streamers

Ah...the streamer fly, without a doubt my favorite type of fishing - I love everything about them.  A quick peruse through my website and the predominance of the flies shown on it will quickly tell you where my allegiances lie.
Their form and appearance, ability to take fish (and usually very nice ones at that) at most any time, and to me the most exhilarating part - the solid strikes and vicious killing hits that stop my streamer dead in its tracks and jolt my stripping hand and rod.

Allagash Bob and the Biscuit Incident (Trip Report)

I recently spent a week in the Allagash region on my never ending quest for lunker squaretails.  The weather played the usual culprit (it's always easier to  blame the weather than ones own inadequacies fishing-wise) as the pond temperatures were much higher than I had anticipated for the second week of June.  Some of the ponds were pushing mid-70 temperatures towards the end of my trip.  
Lesson #1 of this trip: ALWAYSplan your fishing trips for the end of May!

Putting the Hex on 'Em!

Photo by Jenn FormanLike a lot of other fly anglers, there are very few hatches that I will specifically target when it comes to brook trout.  As a matter of fact, to be exact, there is only one.
In Maine "The Hatch" is refered to as the Green Drake hatch and has been for probably as long as anyone can remember.  But with more people educated today in bug taxonimy it is now refered to more and more by what it actually is. 
So then, what is it, actually?
Photo by Jenn Forman
First off, let me put out a disclaimer here, I am by no means a trained entomologist.

Classic Wet Flies

I've always wondered, why did the classic winged wet fly fall out of favor?  All of those wonderful patterns in Ray Bergman's classic "Trout" didn't get there by accident, did they?
Soft Hackles have still been fished with consistency to no surprise but I'm talking about the quill or flank feather winged wets.
Right after the casting streamer this is probably my favorite type of fly fishing.  I like to fish them on an old Fenwick fiberglass 6-weight I own with a nice slow action and it's a lot of fun.

Attractor Dry Flies

So obviously as a Fly Tyer I love the flies of our chosen sport.  I also love lists and get asked my personal favorites quite a lot.  I have decided to post a series of the patterns by catagory I like to fish and that produce for me.
For no better reason than I currently am on a kick to tie and replenish my stocks of them for an upcoming trip in June, I'm going to start out with a list of my favorite attractor dries for Brookies along with some accompanying comments.  The flies I prefer aren't garish and overly colorful although some are.

Hike-In Float Tubing

I don't know about you but I have a love-hate relationship with hike-in fly fishing.
On the pro-side, I love fishing in wild places.  The peace and scenery coupled with the potential for larger fish due to decreased fishing pressure is the magnet that draws me. 
However, logistically it's a pain in the ass.
My back does not like the requirement of humping in what I will require for the day and there lies the problem.
So I thought I'd share some of my thoughts on gear and tips I've learned over the years.

Wanted-Maine Streamer Memorabilia & Other Stuff

As a collector/historian I'm always on the hunt for any of the following items.  If you have and might wish to sell any of the following items I would be appreciative if you'd please consider me and drop a line.  I promise they'll have a good home by someone who understands thier historical value.
Bert Quimby streamers
Lew Oatman streamers
Bud Wilcox streamers (specifically a Kennebago Smelt and a Tri-Color)
Dick Frost streamers
Bill Edson streamers
Gene or Emile Letourneau streamers

Sinking Lines

So, a common question I hear a lot is how do I keep catching nice fish. 
Well, beside answering with the stock response of "Luck" and "Persistence", my secret really isn't a secret, it's because I fish sinking lines a majority of the time I'm on the water and that puts my fly down to where the fish are.  I hate to break the news to you but if you're fishing shallow you're generally fishing over small aggressive fish or empty water.  The bigger fish got that way because of self-preservation and hanging out up top waiting to be an easy meal for an eagle, loon or osprey is a losing proposition.

Just another sign that the Apocalypse is coming.....

After due consideration and years of making fun of other people's Blogs, I have decided to give one of these a go.  Now you and everyone else can make fun of me when I post something inane or that you believe is completely jacked up!  But hey, it's my $2.99/month and maybe you'll find something of value or humor in it.  However, if you think that what I'm posting is crap, then call me out on it - I have a thick skin and it might prove to be entertaining!
My intent with this blog is mostly to post my thoughts on various aspects of Maine fly fishing that I get asked a lot of questions about so that I can refer people to it, sort of a FAQ.
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