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Ordering Information
Orders may be placed by email via deryn323@yahoo.com or by calling me directly at 860-705-3840 before 9:00 PM Eastern Time. (Don't be shy!)
Streamer flies may be tied upon 3xl, 4xl, 6xl, or 8xl hooks per your preference and should be specified at time of ordering or I will default to the hook model displayed on the pictured fly.  Jungle Cock eyes are an additional .75 cents per fly. 
Flies displayed with painted eyes will automatically be tied that way unless specified otherwise.
Unless specified otherwise, fly prices are as follows:

Dries, Wets, and Nymphs - $2.25 each
Streamers/Bucktails - $3.50 each, $4.25 with real Jungle Cock eyes.
8xl Single #2 or #4 Trolling Streamers - $3.75 each, $4.50 with Jungle Cock
Tandem Streamers - $4.25 each, $5.00 with real Jungle Cock eyes, Beaded Tandems are an additional .25 cents/each with up to 5 beads.
Atlantic Salmon Flies - $4.00 - $7.50 each as listed
I also tie presentation streamers.  They are tied on Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek model hooks using real silk floss, metal tinsel, and jungle cock eyes with the utmost attention to detail.  Flies are packaged in a clear plastic snap case on a felt backing with a signed card.

"Smeltacular" streamer designed and tied by Deryn LaCombe

"Edrick's Allagash Dream" streamer designed and tied by Deryn LaCombe


"Brook Trout" streamer designed by Lew Oatman, tied by Deryn LaCombe
Pricing is $20.00 per fly.
Payment Options
Orders may be paid for by Credit Card, Check, Money Order, or PayPal, whichever is more convenient for you. 
If you wish to utilize PayPal I will send an invoice to your designated email upon receipt of your order.
Please make Checks and Money Orders payable to "Deryn LaCombe".
Shipping Information
All orders are shipped via USPS.  
A flat rate shipping charge of $3.75 is added to all orders under $100. 
FREE standard shipping on orders over $100.
Insured shipping is additional at current rates, generally it is $2.50 per $100.  Expedited shipping is available at current USPS rates.
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