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Just some reminders as to why I'm addicted to fishing for Brook Trout and Landlocked Salmon in Maine.  Your fish picture submissions are always welcome!
A sassy 18" early spring landlock salmon taken on an Earl's Gray Smelt at the East Outlet of the Kennebec river.
A 14" Kennebago male all colored up in late September.  This fish took Master Maine Guide Carroll Ware's Black Leech pattern that he gave me instructions to tie and try.  Thanks for the tip, Caroll!
Unfortunately I foul-hooked this beautiful male on a big Marabou Gray Ghost but I promise that he wound up going safely back.
A nice chunky one that fell for a Tomah Joe.
My biggest Maine squaretail landed to date.  Caught from a Katahdin area pond in late May, this football was 19" with a taped 14.5" girth and weighed 3.9lbs.  I wish I had caught it on something sexier than an olive Krystal Flash Woolly Bugger but that's exactly what it smashed.
A skinny 21" chrome racer from Upper Dam on a Lite Brite Smelt.
A fat 14"+ trout that had a real neat golden hue to it from a remote North Woods pond. 
A Bird's Nest nymph during a Callibaetis hatch did the trick.

A gorgeous 15" Blueback trout caught by Leighton Wass of Vermont on a streamer.  Elusive quarry, a char of that size in Maine is a real prize for anyone - nice job!

The picture doesn't do it justice and he wasn't particularly big, but this little Allagash brookie was really pretty and had a unique yellow slash on his jaw kinda like a Cutthroat.  He liked my Lucky Penny streamer well enough!

My wife says I look like a dork in this hat but I really don't care(even though she's right), the nice 16" September Allagash brookie I'm holding kinda makes it seem irrelevant!  This guy hit a Muddler Minnow.

I gotta start fishing the Adirondacks!  This beautiful 17" fish was caught by Jim Abbott of New York on his killer variation of the Zulu, a type of Woolly Worm.  Jim has spent countless hours fishing the Adirondack waters and is a very accomplished Brook Trout angler.  He is being kind enough to allow me to tie and sell this fly instead of keeping it a secret.  I recommend you give it a shot, you can see it under the Wet Flies section.

Jim Abbott with yet an even nicer fish caught on the Zulu!  This brute taped 20 3/4" and weighed an even 4lbs - now that's a squaretail!

A very nice wild brookie from a small Connecticut stream.  Yes, you can even find them in Connecticut sometimes!  This stream holds the very rare and elusive Tiger trout but I personally was never able to nab one in all my times fishing it.  Guys like this one are nice consolation prizes, however!

Yes, I've even been known to target bass like this nice 19" bronze back from a secret GLS area honey hole where fish like this are reasonably common.  2017 was pretty much the year of the bass for me due to my friend Frank corrupting me and the poor salmonid conditions the weather gave us this season.

Eddie from Connecticut with a really hefty spring salmon taken trolling an Earl's Grey Smelt.

A nice haul for Eddie and his crew(or anyone for that matter!), every one of these Southern Maine Togue were taken on an Earl's Grey Smelt.
Fishing the West Branch of the Penobscot in the stretch below Seboomook Dam.
One of my favorite spots on the Upper Kennebago river.  If you ever find it, try skating a Wulff  or caddis pattern at the head of the pool.
Mist coming off the water at Grand Lake stream early in the morning above the Bathtub.

A really hefty(~6lbs) Labrador landlocked salmon caught on a Ouananiche Sunset, my largest ever.
An 18.5" squaretail from a Rangeley region river.
A 22" GLS hen caught very, very early (as in 0430 early) one fall morning on a New Hampshire streamer.
Another nice, healthy 14" fish from an Allagash region pond that liked the Dragonfly Muddler.
That last magical hour of the day! 
And to think that I was blessed to have that pond all to myself!

A nice bright 16" salmon that hit a #14 Hornberg on an Allagash region stream.

John Duncan of Massachusetts took this fat fall salmon on a BWO Loop Wing Emerger while fishing the Rangeley region.  Gotta love those spawning colors!

My friend Chris Patterson with his first sizable brook trout.  Caught on a dry fly it was either the orange Stimulator or a Hot-Butt Caddis that he was doing well with that day.

Sadly, this ugly brute broodstock salmon was a little the worse for wear and had several Glo Bugs in his jaw.

My first nice fish of 2017 and retirement! A little thin, this 18" LL was taken in the Dam pool at GLS on a Golden Retriever.

Ben took this nice brook trout trolling a Bryan's Lady tandem streamer.  Copper and Fluorescent Orange are hard to beat on Maine waters!

As nice as the smallie I'm holding to the left is, it's not even in the same ballpark as this monster 5lb 1oz October bucket mouth Brother Bass caught!  Fish might get a lot larger than this down south but in Northern Maine this is a real beast!

Jim W. in New York caught this beautiful chunky Rainbow on one of my Perch Clouser Minnows(shown under Labrador Flies)

Chris from New Hampshire with a gorgeous 17" Maine brook trout.  He had a banner day catching numerous beauties like this one up to 18"!
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