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Tandem Streamers

$4.25 each, $5.00 with real Jungle Cock eyes
Fluorescent Red or Orange beads are available for an additional .25 cents per tandem up to 5 beads, 3-5 beads are standard.
#2 or #4 Single 8xl hook trolling streamers are $3.75 each, $4.50 with real Jungle Cock eyes

Tandem streamers are available in just about any standard pattern you can think of and then some.  If I don't list it it is still probably available, just call and tell me what you'd like.  My standard tandems are 2 3/4" long tied using 30lb test nylon coated wire and a #4 hook with the #6 trailer hook riding up.  I actually feel they ride and track better with the trailing hook oriented downward but the upward configuration is more popular.  At your request I can change the configuration or length to your personal preferences.  A 3" overall fly length, both hooks a size #4, or a #4 4xl forward hook and a #8 4xl rear hook are other popular configurations.  I will work on populating this but some of the more popular trolling patterns are listed here:

A.A. Special

Babb's Ghost
Barnes Special
Barney Google
Bibeau Killer
Birch Point
Black Ghost
Blue Ghost

Blue Smelt
Bob Foye Special
Brown-Olive Ghost

Bryan's Lady

Castle Island King

Cathance Special


Colonel Bates
Denny Buster
Dobsis (Sysladobsis) Ghost
Earl's Gray Smelt
Frost's Blue Smelt

Governor Aiken
Governor Barrow

Gray Ghost

Green Beauty
Green Ghost

Green King
Herb Johnson Special
Hornberg Streamer
Jerry's Smelt

Joe's Smelt
Kennebago Smelt

Kennebago Special
King Smelt
Leeman's Smelt
Libby's Cal
Ligget Special
Lily Bay Special
Magog Smelt
Mickey Finn
Miss Julie
Miss Sharon
Morning Glory
Mr. Ed
Parmachene Belle

Parson Tom

Pink Lady

Pink Magog Smelt
Queen Bee
Red-Gray Ghost
Red & White
Ripogenus Smelt
Royal Coachman
Senator Muskie
Shang's Special
Silver Doctor
Silver Ghost
Songo Smelt
Spencer Bay
Sportsman Say

Winnipesaukee Smelt
Wolfeboro Bay
Yellow Ghost

York's Kennebago Streamer

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