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About Me
Hi, there!  Let me tell you a little bit about myself and this entity I call Squaretail Flies.
My name is Deryn LaCombe and I’ve been tying flies since 1978.  An accidental self-inflicted gunshot wound to my foot (Yes, you heard that right-you can’t make this stuff up) made me the proud recipient of a cheap fly tying kit as a get well present and started me down this amazing road to ruin.
I have a deep love for all things related to Maine freshwater fishing and its history and nostalgia, specifically fishing for brook trout, landlocked salmon, and togue.  This website serves not only as a portal for selling my flies, but as an outlet for me and my piscatorial pursuits and I hope that if you are interested in the same things I am, you will garner some benefit and enjoyment from visiting it.  I will post links and other stuff on here relevant to the above topics.
I tie flies for fun, ego, and as a labor of love, NOT as a primary source of income.  I love catching a living jewel on a thing of beauty and derive a lot of satisfaction from others doing the same.  I get a huge kick from people having success fishing flies I’ve tied and my intent is to build solid relationships with the people I tie for.  When someone approaches you on the water and asks where you got that fly from they've never seen before and you respond with "There's a guy who ties these for me", I want to be that guy you're referring to.
The flies I focus on tying are predominately Maine-centric with a specialty on streamers and brook trout/landlocked salmon patterns.  I prefer tying classic, obscure or regional patterns, utilizing organic and traditional tying materials.  Simply stated,  I tie stuff you won't be able to get from larger companies like Umpqua or Orvis because they’re not the latest flavor of the month or hot sellers.  These neat patterns are, however, very effective on their targeted quarry. 
Go try and pick up a "Soo" bucktail or a "Franklin Special" from one of the big names!  It's not going to happen!
If you don't see a particular pattern you want, just ask! 
I can produce just about anything you might be looking for and at your request will customize the pattern to your specifications or needs.
I don’t keep stock on hand, everything is tied to order.  I usually require a one to two week lead time on most orders but I will certainly try to fill quicker depending on the size, complexity, or availibility of materials.  If you’re truly in a pinch I’ll do my best to work with you and see that you’re happy and help you to have a great time on the water.
My experience fishing a broad range of Maine inland waters over the last 35+ years combined with my historical interests, contacts and research has developed a pretty decent knowledge of what flies work when and where.  I don't know everything but if I don't have the answer I can at least get you headed in the right direction.  So if you’re planning a trip to Maine I’d love to help you achieve success on the water by helping you focus on what flies you’ll need.  I’ll be glad to help you out with this whether you decide to purchase anything from me or not.  Don't feel awkward, drop me a line!
Welcome to my world, 
Now go out and put a bend in that rod!
- Deryn
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